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We're looking for a Product Growth Lead to help shape our growth story.

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Who we are looking for...

Someone who is motivated by making an impact, is curious to learn and doesn't hold back from taking action. You should be data driven and can demonstrate your ability to turn qualitative and quantitative data into insightful action plan and strategy. We want someone who can bring our goals (>80 million users by 2020) to reality by developing a growth roadmap. You will have the ability to make impact from Day 1 and become a major player in our growth story. 

Someone with: 

  • Experienced in growth (3-5 years) who has grown a user base on an international scale. 
  • Comfortable in a tech based digital environment where product change often require technical/engineering changes and is therefore able to bring user needs to life for the tech team. 
  • Ability to read and interrogate data (SQL skills, excel and HTML) and knowledge of SEO and Google Analytics.
  • Excellent relationship builder and commercially astute, is comfortable collaborating with peers, able to reach consensus, buy-in and commitment. 
  • Have set ambitious growth targets in the past and delivered them, has a record of driving rapid growth. 
  • Financially adept, analytically minded and structured in your thinking, with strong verbal and written communication skills. 
  • Ability to assess needed skills and build the right team.

Even better if...

  • You have front-end engineering skills and can set up and run your own growth experiments.

What better way to show what it's like to work here, than to ask our current Growth Lead Brian to explain what his week looks like. 

Brian John Park

Growth Lead

“To say that there’s a prototypical week on the job would be a lie, so I’m going to start with a cliche instead: every week is unique in its own way and that’s what makes working in growth at WeTransfer so exciting. Since there’s no such thing as a standard work week, I’ll give a snapshot of what a week could entail.”


Monday’s are all about starting the week off strong. That means we take inventory of what we’ve done the week prior to maximize learning, check-in on the progress of ongoing initiatives, and prepping the next batch of growth initiatives we’ve got lined up for the week. Strong alignment between all those involved, is especially important when we are working with our colleagues in Design, Tech, Customer Support, and Marketing. I really thrive on being in a design led business, surrounded by creative minds and opportunities to build our community. Our initiatives are driven and informed by the insights we collect from our experiments and its great to see our work influence our the direction of our product. 

Weekly updates are also given to the Management Team on key growth metrics to vet how we’re performing relative to our annual targets. 


We typically kick-off new experiments early in the week and they have a tendency to fall on Tuesday’s. In the kick-offs, we clearly hash out the problem we’re trying to solve and start to discuss how we can go about solving it in a multi-disciplinary setting.  The user guides everything we do, so we are always making sure we are thinking through the eyes of our user. 

We briefly touch on the other key elements of the experiments as well such as existing benchmarks for the metrics we’re trying to move and how we’ll measure performance. This builds into the growth playbook we are pulling together to ensure we are constantly optimising by identifying the key channels and market levers.  

While we’re jumpstarting new initiatives, we’re also constantly adding new ideas as inspiration strikes to our idea pipeline, which houses potential experiments to be run. We have a lot of autonomy and independence in the growth team which makes it really exciting and impactful. Some questions we’re considering when adding ideas to our pipeline of potential experiments are: how do we improve the virality of our offering? How can we increase the branching factor? How can we better convert receivers of transfers into active senders?   


While new growth experiments are in the works, we’re also constantly monitoring the performance of existing iterations that are live, on both paid and unpaid channels. As they continue to run, we’re starting to try to understand why they’re performing the way they are. If they’re performing as anticipated, we’re already considering how we can double down on that experiment. If it’s not going according to plan, we’re wrapping our heads around another round of iterations that could positively impact results in the future.

Some sample questions we’re asking ourselves during this exercise: how can we deepen engagement of first time receivers further? Can we quickly scale this experiment globally? How can we attribute improvements in search acquisition to the optimizations we’ve been making? 

(Hanging out at lunch in front of our office.)


Every Thursday morning we have a company wide meeting over breakfast where we briefly highlight and discuss the latest happenings along a couple of key company goals that have been set for the year. For growth, we discuss how our monthly active users are trending over the past month relative to same period the year prior. We add in some commentary on some initiatives we’ve got running at the moment, a few experiments we’ve got in the pipeline, and the high level takeaways of last week’s projects.

Aside from the breakfast meeting, we make sure to keep the trains running full steam ahead. That can range anywhere from clearing blockers holding certain experiments from launching to continuing to optimize our process within the team from ideation to pushing initiatives out the door to continue to boost our experimentation velocity. 

Impact the experience of millions of users around the world.


If there’s such a thing as tying loose ends, we’ll do our best to close the week in a tidy way so that we can pick up right where we’ve left off on Monday.

We take note of the latest status of existing experiments and those that have launched that week. The key events of the week are jotted down in our event log to make sure we can best attribute changes to our core growth metrics going forward. It's important that we reflect on any blockers and figure out ways to overcome them by thinking outside of the box.  🚀

A little something about us

We are a technology company rooted in the creative industry. Our founders originally worked in design, media and marketing; today we’re lucky to be working with the most creative minds in branding, sales, design, support and engineering. We’re an ambitious bunch, always looking to push the boundaries where we can. We know how to work hard and have a good time.

Our Amsterdam office is located in a spacious building along the docks in the East. To help you be your best, we provide high-spec tech equipment, and everyone gets a €1,000 personal development budget every year. But we strive for a healthy balance between work and play, from workshops and conference outings to evening Kettlebell workouts and Friday afternoon drinks. We value good food too, from fresh lunches to Thursday breakfasts, fruit baskets and our never-empty cookie jar. 

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